1996 Duvall earthquake

1996 Duvall earthquake
Date May 2, 1996
Origin time 21:04 PDT
Magnitude 5.6Mw
Depth 5 mi (8 km)
Epicenter 47°46′N 121°51′W / 47.76°N 121.85°W / 47.76; -121.85Coordinates: 47°46′N 121°51′W / 47.76°N 121.85°W / 47.76; -121.85
Areas affected Pacific Northwest
Max. intensity VII (Very strong) [1]
Aftershocks 45

The 1996 Duvall earthquake hit Duvall, Washington, about 25 miles North East of Seattle, at 9:04pm (PDT) on May 2. It hit with magnitude 5.6, and could be felt all over western Washington, northern Oregon, southern British Columbia, and east to Wenatchee. The earthquake was 5 miles (7 km) deep.[2] A Seattle Mariners game was in progress when the quake hit, and play was temporarily postponed to verify no structural damage to the Kingdome.[3] At least 45 aftershocks of a magnitude 2 or higher were reported in the subsequent days following the quake. This was the biggest earthquake in Washington since April 1965 until the 2001 Nisqually earthquake.[4]


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