2010 Salta earthquake

2010 Salta earthquake
Date 15:43:26, February 27, 2010 (2010-02-27T15:43:26)
Magnitude 6.3 Mw
Depth 9.5 miles (15.3 km)
Epicenter 24°40′26″S 65°02′35″W / 24.674°S 65.043°W / -24.674; -65.043Coordinates: 24°40′26″S 65°02′35″W / 24.674°S 65.043°W / -24.674; -65.043
Areas affected Salta, Argentina
Aftershocks ~24
Casualties 2

The 2010 Salta earthquake occurred on February 27 at 12:45:36 local time in Salta Province, Argentina[1] and had a magnitude of 6.3. It occurred less than 12 hours after the far larger 2010 Chile earthquake, which killed over 500 people. Initially thought to be an aftershock of the Chile earthquake, scientists later established that the earthquakes were unrelated.[2] It took place about 15 miles north of the city of Salta. The quake killed two people,[3][4] and injured dozens (possibly up to 100 people).

Damage and casualties

The damage was not great, but small buildings and slums were easily destroyed. The earthquake received little regional coverage, largely because the catastrophe in Chile, occurring a few hours earlier, garnered the most attention. Much of the destruction happened in the towns of Campo Quijano and La Merced, where several adobe houses collapsed and numerous others were left uninhabitable.

There were two deaths,[5][6] including an 8-year-old boy.[7]

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