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Ahi Evran (1169–1261), real name Sheykh Nasreddin Abul Hakayik Mahmud bin Ahmed al-Hoyi but popularly known as Pir Ahi Evran-ı Veli, was a Turkish Muslim preacher who came to Trabzon during the Empire of Trebizond and extended Islam in the region. His grave in Boztepe near Trabzon is considered to be sacred and is visited by many people. He was born in Hoy, Iran in December 1169. He grew up in Azerbaijan, moved to Kayseri, Turkey and established the Ahi guild. He was killed by Mongols in Kırşehir on 1 April 1261. The grave in Boztepe might belong to someone else, such as a clan leader or a Greek metropolitan who accepted Islam.

According to Sakir Sevket, in 1863 the Muslim preacher Sheykh Haji Hakki Efendi was inspired to build a place near Ahi Evren's grave. When he died in 1890, he was buried near this place and the government built a tomb and mosque at the site.

Information about Ahi Evran at his tomb

A new insect species discovered in Turkey by an assistant professor at the Ahi Evran University was named Evrani in honor of the university and the saint.[1]

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