Barnaby Rogerson

Barnaby Rogerson (born 17 May 1960) is a British author, television presenter and publisher. He has written extensively about the Muslim world, including a biography of the Prophet Muhammad,[1][2] and numerous travel guides.

Rogerson was born in Dunfermline, Scotland and studied Medieval History at St Andrews University. He became a writer of guidebooks, to Morocco, Tunisia, Cyprus, Istanbul and Libya. He now lives in London with his wife and business partner, Rose Baring. Together they run Eland Books, a publishing company specialising in reprinting classics of travel writing.[3] He has worked as a lecturer for tour companies such as Martin Randall Travel,[4] Eastern Approaches and Andante, and as a freelance travel-writer he has written three hundred articles and reviews for the TLS, Guardian, Independent, House & Garden, Harpers & Queen, Cornucopia, Country Life and the Daily Telegraph.[5] Rogerson has also appeared as a television presenter, on the BBC programme Life of Muhammad[6] and the Al Jazeera programme The Caliph.[7]


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