Bowen House

Bowen House, with the Wellington Cenotaph in front on it

Bowen House is a 22-storey office building in Lambton Quay, Wellington, New Zealand. Since 1991, the building has been leased by Parliamentary Services.[1] Bowen House houses offices for the smaller parties, select committee staff, and some of the ministers and their support staff.[1] It is connected to the rest of the parliamentary complex by a tunnel under Bowen Street. Bowen House is part of the parliamentary security system, and the government is the only tenant in the building. Government's lease expires at the end of 2018, and a review of future parliamentary office requirements in underway.[1]


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Coordinates: 41°16′45.68″S 174°46′35.91″E / 41.2793556°S 174.7766417°E / -41.2793556; 174.7766417

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