Daim al-Islam

Daim al-Islam is a Mustaali Ismaili Shi'a Muslim book of Jurisprudence.

This book is written by Al-Qadi al-Nu'man. He served as Da'i of four Imams (from Ismaili 11th Imam Mehdi to 14th Imam Aziz the first 4 Fatimd Caliphs of Egypt). The book emphasises what importance Islam has given to manners and etiquette along with ibadat, the worship of God, citing references of Fatemid first four Imams.

Subsequent Fatemid Imams and Ismaili Dais have relied on Daim-ul-Islam'. The 16th Fatimid Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah (996-1021) ordered his Dai, Harun bin Mohammed in Yemen, to give decisions in light of Daim-ul-Islam only.


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