Hüseyin Hilmi Işık

Hüseyin Hilmi Işık
Born Hüseyin Hilmi
(1911-03-08)8 March 1911
Eyüp, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Died 26 October 2001(2001-10-26) (aged 90)
Nationality Turkish
Alma mater Halıcıoğlu Military High School
Occupation Islamic scholar
Religion Moderate Sunni Islam (Sufi)
Website www.huseyinhilmiisik.com
Hüseyin Hilmi Işık.

Huseyin Hilmi Işık (March 8, 1911 - October 26, 2001) was a Turkish, Sunni Islamic scholar. A cemaat named "Işıkçılar Cemaati" in Turkey is composed of his followers.


Hüseyin Hilmi was born in Eyüp, Istanbul. He was educated at "Halıcıoğlu Military High School," and went on to become the first chemical engineer in Turkey. He received religious education from mujtahid Abdulhakim Arvasi.

Hüseyin Hilmi was educated in science and religion. He published books in Arabic, Persian and Turkish. Işık's works were translated into many languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and various Turkic languages as well as Bosnian and Albanian. His most important book is Tam İlmihâl Seadet-i Ebediyye.[1] It was published in English under the title Endless Bliss.

He died on October 26, 2001 and was buried in the historical Eyüp Cemetery.


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