Hadith of the Twelve Successors

The hadith of the twelve successors, or twelve caliphs (Arabic: حديث الاثني عشر خليفة, translit. ḥadīth al-ithnā ‘ashar khalīfah) is an Islamic prophecy, attributed to Muhammad. It is perhaps most popular among Twelver Shiites, as they affirm the prophecy was fulfilled by the Twelve Imams. According to the prophecy there will reign twelve caliphs—presumably the first being crowned upon the Prophet's death—and after which the Caliphate would either cease to exist or lose significant political influence. It is stated that all twelve caliphs will be from the tribe of Quraysh.

Another interpretation is that the prophecy was fulfilled by the Rashidun Caliphs.[1] Some commentators, such as Ibn Kathir and Ibn Taymiyya, link this hadith with the biblical account of Moses and his twelve deputies.[2][3][4][5]

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