Importance of religion by country

Results of a 2008/2009 Gallup poll on whether respondents said that religion was "important in [their] daily life."[1][2]
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This page charts a list of countries by importance of religion.


The table below is based upon global Gallup Poll in 2009 research which asked "Is religion important in your daily life?". Percentages for "yes" and "no" answers are listed below; they often do not add up to 100% because some answered "don't know" or did not answer.[1]

In terms of demographics, India ranks as the country with the largest number of highly religious people in the world, with over 1.05 billion believers (estimated). China, although its number is less than a fifth of its total population (~18-19%), ranks second, with an estimated 240-260 million believers, followed by Indonesia (~235 million), the United States (~205 million), Pakistan (~175 million), Brazil (~168 million), Nigeria (~163 million) and Bangladesh (~135 million).[3][4][5][6]


CountryYes, important[1]No, unimportant[1]
 Norway[lower-alpha 1]21%78%
 Czechia[lower-alpha 1]21%75%
 Hong Kong24%74%
 United Kingdom27%73%
 Finland[lower-alpha 1]28%70%
 Australia[lower-alpha 1]32%68%
 The Netherlands[lower-alpha 1]33%67%
 New Zealand[lower-alpha 1]33%66%
 Belgium[lower-alpha 1]33%58%
 Cuba[lower-alpha 1]34%64%
 Bulgaria[lower-alpha 1]34%62%
 South Korea43%56%
 Taiwan[lower-alpha 1]45%54%
 Slovakia[lower-alpha 1]47%52%
 Austria[lower-alpha 1]55%43%
 Belize[lower-alpha 1]62%33%
 United States69%31%
 Jamaica[lower-alpha 1]70%30%
 Portugal[lower-alpha 1]72%26%
 Haiti[lower-alpha 1]75%23%
 Botswana[lower-alpha 1]77%23%
 Bosnia and Herzegovina77%21%
 Costa Rica79%20%
 Togo[lower-alpha 1]80%13%
 Iran[lower-alpha 1]83%16%
 El Salvador83%16%
 South Africa85%15%
 Puerto Rico[lower-alpha 1]85%14%
 Mozambique[lower-alpha 1]86%14%
 Dominican Republic87%13%
 Cote d'Ivoire88%12%
 Burkina Faso[lower-alpha 1]88%12%
 Angola[lower-alpha 1]88%11%
 United Arab Emirates91%8%
 Namibia[lower-alpha 1]92%9%
 Trinidad and Tobago[lower-alpha 1]92%8%
 State of Palestine93%7%
 Madagascar[lower-alpha 1]93%7%
 Benin[lower-alpha 1]93%7%
 Saudi Arabia93%4%
 Central African Republic[lower-alpha 1]94%6%
 Liberia[lower-alpha 1]94%6%
 Democratic Republic of the Congo94%5%
 Republic of the Congo[lower-alpha 1]95%5%
 Jordan[lower-alpha 1]96%4%
 Myanmar[lower-alpha 1]97%3%
 Laos[lower-alpha 1]97%3%
 Guinea[lower-alpha 1]97%3%
 Somalia[lower-alpha 1]98%2%
 Sri Lanka99%1%

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