Ja'far Sobhani

Ja'far Sobhani
Born (1929-04-08) April 8, 1929
Tabriz, Iran
Nationality Iranian
Occupation Marja'
Era Modern era
Known for Iranian Twelver shia marja

Ayatollah Ja'far Sobhani (Persian: آیت الله جعفر سبحانی) was born in Tabriz on 8 April 1929.[1] Ja'far Sobhani is an Iranian Twelver shia marja, influential theologian and writer. Also, Sobhani was a former member of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom and founder of Imam Sadiq Institute in Qom.[2][3][1]


Ja'far Sobhani learned Arabic literature, Principles of Islamic jurisprudence in the Islamic Seminary. In 1946, he went to Islamic Seminary in Qom. In the Islamic Seminary, he took part in famous teachers' classes of Fiqh, Usool, Tafsir, and philosophy. Sobhani's important teachers were Seyyed Hossein Borujerdi, Imam Khomeini, and Mirza Sayyed Mohammad Tabatabai near 15 years.[4]



He has several Arabic and Persian books that are categorized in seven fields as Fiqh, Principles of Islamic jurisprudence, Tafsir, Ilm al-Kalam, Philosophy, History of Islam, and Biographical evaluation. In 2001, Doctrines of Shi'i Islam: A Compendium of Imami Beliefs and Practices book (ISBN 1860647804) was translated into English and published by I. B. Tauris.[5] Some of his books include:

# Subjects Books
1 Fiqh
  • Religious precepts of travel
2 Principles of Islamic jurisprudence
  • The four theses
3 Tafsir
4 Ilm al-Kalam
  • Understanding the attributes of God
  • Introduction to principles of Islam
  • Resort
  • Wahhabism
5 Philosophy
  • Knowledge in Islamic philosophy
  • An analysis of Marx's philosophy
6 History of Islam
7 Biographical evaluation
  • General in Biographical evaluation
  • Biography of Shia leaders
8 Others
  • Password win famous men
  • Questions and responses


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