Louis Frédéric

Louis-Frédéric Nussbaum, also known as Louis Frédéric or Louis-Frédéric (1923–1996), was a French scholar, art historian, writer, translator and editor.[1] He was a specialist in the cultures of Asia, especially India and Japan.

Early life

Louis-Frédéric was born in Paris in 1923. He studied at the Sorbonne and the École Pratique des Hautes Études.


Louis-Frédéric wrote many books on India, Japan and Southeast Asia. He was the editor of the 10-volume Encyclopaedia of Asian Civilizations which was published in eight editions in English between 1977 and 1987.[2] Louis-Frédéric's Japan Encyclopedia is published by the Harvard University Press;[3] and it has six editions in English and French between 1996 and 2005.[2]

Selected works

In an overview of writings by and about Louis-Frédéric, OCLC/WorldCat lists roughly 170 works in 337 publications in 14 languages and 7,762 library holdings.[2]

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