M-3DI Standard

The M-3DI Standard, announced by Panasonic Corporation together with XpanD 3D in March 2011, aims to provide industry-wide compatibility and standardisation of LC (Active) Shutter Glasses hardware between manufacturers.[1]

This movement aims to bring about compatibility among manufacturers of 3D TV, computer, notebook, home projection, and cinema with standardised LC (Active) Shutter Glasses that will work across all 3D hardware seamlessly, with the hope of further increasing uptake of 3D products by consumers.[1]

The M-3DI Standard will also feature a comprehensive quality control and testing specification to apply during the production of 3D LC Shutter Glasses; This specification is yet to be finalised and published.[1]

Industry Support

Various leading 3D technology providers for televisions, projectors and cinemas have agreed to participate in supporting the new standard.[1]

Current providers include:


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