New Zealand local elections, 2013

2013 local election posters in western Christchurch

The 2013 New Zealand local elections were triennial elections to select local government officials and District Health Board members, and the membership of other local bodies such as Licensing Trusts. All elections were conducted by postal ballot, with election day being Saturday 12 October 2013.[1]

Electoral systems

The local elections were held using postal ballot. Most city and district councils and all but one regional council used the first-past-the-post (FPP) voting system, with the exception of the following six city and district councils that used the single transferable vote (STV) voting system:[2]

The Wellington Regional Council was the sole regional council using the STV system.

Environment Canterbury and Kaipara District were under statutory management and no elections were held. All District Health Boards used the STV system.[2]


Under section 10 of the Local Electoral Act 2001, a "general election of members of every local authority or community board must be held on the second Saturday in October in every third year" from the date the Act came into effect in 2001, meaning 12 October 2013.[3]

Key dates for the election as set out by the Electoral Commission are:[4]

1 July 2013 Enrolment drive
4 July 2013 Householders who did not receive their enrolment pack need to take steps to enrol
16 July 2013 Last day for enrolment for postal voting
20 September 2013 Postal voting commences
11 October 2013 Last day to enrol to vote
12 October 2013 Election Day - Voting closes at 12 noon

Political commentator Vernon Small thought that the government would likely try and combine the local elections with the asset sales referendum,[5] but this did not happen. Instead, the referendum was held via postal ballot between 22 November and 13 December.[6]

Mayoral elections

Territorial authority Incumbent Winner
Ashburton District Angus McKay[7]
Auckland Council (details) Len Brown[8]
Buller District Pat McManus[nb 1] Garry Howard[9]
Carterton District Ron Mark[nb 2][10]
Central Hawke's Bay District Peter Butler[9]
Central Otago District Tony Lepper[7]
Chatham Islands Council Alfred Preece[9]
Christchurch City (details) Bob Parker[nb 1] Lianne Dalziel[11]
Clutha District Bryan Cadogan[9]
Dunedin City (details) Dave Cull[12]
Far North District Wayne Brown John Carter[7]
Gisborne District Meng Foon[9]
Gore District Tracy Hicks[nb 2][9]
Grey District Tony Kokshoorn[nb 2][7]
Hamilton City (details) Julie Hardaker[13]
Hastings District Lawrence Yule[9]
Hauraki District John Tregidga[9]
Horowhenua District Brendan Duffy[7]
Hurunui District Winton Dalley[nb 2][9]
Hutt City Ray Wallace[7]
Invercargill City Tim Shadbolt[7]
Kaikoura District Winston Gray[7]
Kaipara District under statutory governance[2]
Kapiti Coast District Jenny Rowan Ross Church[9]
Kawerau District Malcolm Campbell[9]
Mackenzie District Claire Barlow[7]
Manawatu District Margaret Kouvelis[nb 2][9]
Marlborough District Alistair Sowman[7]
Masterton District Garry Daniell Lyn Patterson[7]
Matamata-Piako District Hugh Vercoe[nb 1] Jan Barnes[9]
Napier City Barbara Arnott[nb 1] Bill Dalton[9]
Nelson City Aldo Miccio Rachel Reese[7]
New Plymouth District Harry Duynhoven Andrew Judd[14]
Opotiki District John Forbes[7]
Otorohanga District Dale Williams[nb 1] Max Baxter[9]
Palmerston North City Jono Naylor[9]
Porirua City Nick Leggett[15]
Queenstown-Lakes District Vanessa van Uden[9]
Rangitikei District (details) Chalky Leary Andy Watson[9]
Rotorua District Kevin Winters Steve Chadwick[7]
Ruapehu District Sue Morris[nb 1] Don Cameron[9]
Selwyn District Kelvin Coe[9]
South Taranaki District Ross Dunlop[7]
South Waikato District Neil Sinclair[9]
South Wairarapa District Adrienne Staples[nb 2][16]
Southland District Frana Cardno[nb 1][17] Gary Tong[17]
Stratford District Neil Volzke[7]
Tararua District Roly Ellis[7]
Tasman District Richard Kempthorne[7]
Taupo District Rick Cooper[nb 1] David Trewavas[7]
Tauranga City Stuart Crosby[7]
Thames-Coromandel District Glenn Leach[9]
Timaru District Janie Annear[nb 1] Damon Odey[9]
Upper Hutt City Wayne Guppy[7]
Waikato District Allan Sanson[9]
Waimakariri District David Ayers[nb 2][9]
Waimate District John Coles[nb 1] Craig Rowley[7]
Waipa District Alan Livingston[nb 1] Jim Mylchreest[9]
Wairoa District Les Probert Craig Little[9]
Waitaki District Alex Familton[nb 1] Gary Kircher[9]
Waitomo District Brian Hanna[9]
Wanganui District Annette Main[7]
Wellington City (details) Celia Wade-Brown[7]
Western Bay of Plenty District Ross Paterson[7]
Westland District Maureen Pugh[nb 1] Mike Havill[9]
Whakatane District Tony Bonne[7]
Whangarei District Morris Cutforth[nb 1] Sheryl Mai[9]
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