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The Queen's Representative is the formal title given to the representative of Queen Elizabeth II, as Queen of New Zealand, in the Cook Islands. The office of Queen's Representative is different from that of the Governor-General of New Zealand.

The representative of the Queen in each Commonwealth realm is the governor-general. However, the self-government provisions for the Cook Islands within the Realm of New Zealand allow the Queen to be represented as head of state in Cook Islands affairs by the Queen's Representative, while the Governor-General of New Zealand represents the Queen in matters pertaining to the entire Realm.[1][2]

List of Queen's Representatives

Name Took office Left office
1 Sir Gaven Donne 1982 18 September 1984
2 Sir Graham Speight
Acting Queen's Representative
18 September 1984 19 December 1984
3 Sir Tangaroa Tangaroa 19 December 1984 19 December 1990
4 Sir Apenera Pera Short 19 December 1990 14 November 2000
5 Laurence Murray Greig
Acting Queen's Representative
14 November 2000 9 February 2001
6 Sir Frederick Tutu Goodwin 9 February 2001 27 July 2013
7 Tom Marsters 27 July 2013 Incumbent


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