Technopaganism is an umbrella term that characterizes several different beliefs and practices in Neopaganism (which includes faiths such as Neo-druidry) in reference to the place of technology in Neopagan practice.


Technopaganism has a number of distinct definitions found in various discourse:


When used to describe belief systems, technopaganism focuses on the spiritual side of technology. This can include the belief that technological items and artifacts of modern living - such as buildings, roads, parks, cars, and other such items - have pseudo-spirits, or totem spirits, of their own. This also extends to cities.

One belief that faces substantial objections is that the Internet itself is attaining a unique spirit. Indeed, it is the stated objective of the creator of VRML to bring about the merging of the spiritual world with the physical world.[2]

In the teen series Buffy the Vampire Slayer major character Jenny Calendar is a techno pagan.


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