The New Detectives

The New Detectives
Created by New Dominion Pictures[1]
Starring FBI/United States Police districts
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 9
No. of episodes 121[2] (List of episodes)
Producer(s) Michael Sinclair/Peter Koeppen/Tom Naughton[3]
Running time 60 minutes; approx. 45 minutes with commercials
Original network Discovery Channel
Original release October 1, 1996[4] – May 2005

The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science is a documentary true crime television show that aired two to three different cases in forensic science per episode. Episode reruns currently air on the Discovery Channel, TLC, the Investigation Discovery network, and the Justice Network.[5] Before the series was canceled, the show also aired on The History Channel in the United States and Canal D, Court TV, and Botswana TV in Canada.[6] The show was also carried by international markets where the series was shown on the Discovery Channel UK, Discovery Europe, the Crime & Investigation Network in Australia, Prime TV in New Zealand, TV Norge, TV Danmark, Kanal 5 in Sweden, and RTL in the Netherlands.[6] A version of the series was broadcast on the British Channel Five, under the name Murder Detectives: Case Files.


The New Detectives centers on murders that are committed in North America and the forensics used to convict the murderers of their crimes.[7] The New Detectives shows reenactments and dramatizations of events surrounding a murder. Real-file footage is shown on occasion. Unlike The FBI Files, a sister show, also produced by Tom Golden and New Dominion Pictures, The New Detectives mostly centers on murders that police departments solve without assistance from the FBI, but there have been episodes where the FBI was called in to assist with particularly serious crimes.

The series was narrated by Gene Galusha from 1996 to 2005.

Anthony Zuiker, the creator of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation got the idea for the show from The New Detectives.[8] In a talk at the International Mystery Writers Festival in June 2008, Zuiker said that he was working as a tram driver in Las Vegas when he came up with the idea for the series. He said he was about to go out to play basketball with some friends when his first wife asked him to stay in and watch The New Detectives on the Discovery Channel. "I decided to stay, and that changed everything".[9]


DVD releases

Timeless Media Group has released the first four seasons of The New Detectives on DVD in Region 1.

DVD name Ep # Release date
Season 1 & 2 16 February 10, 2009
Season 3 10 May 19, 2009
Season 4 18 August 11, 2009

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