U.S. Route 41 in Indiana

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U.S. Route 41 marker

U.S. Route 41
Route information
Maintained by INDOT
Length: 279.79 mi[1] (450.28 km)
Existed: October 1, 1926[2] – present
Major junctions
South end: US 41 in Evansville

I-69 in Evansville
I-64 near Inglefield
US 50 / US 150 in Vincennes
I-70 / US 40 in Terre Haute
I-74 near Veedersburg
I-80 / I-94 / US 6 in Hammond

I-90 / Indiana Toll Road in Hammond
North end: US 12 / US 20 / US 41 in Hammond
Highway system
US 40SR 42

In the U.S. state of Indiana, U.S. Route 41 (US 41) is a northsouth highway that is parallel to the Illinois state line. It enters the state south of Evansville as a four-lane divided highway passing around Vincennes and traveling north to Terre Haute. In Terre Haute, it is known as 3rd Street. North of Terre Haute, it hooks east and becomes a two-lane surface road. Those wanting to stay on a four-lane divided highway can use SR 63 to the west. It passes through Rockville, Veedersburg, and Attica before returning to a four-lane divided highway when SR 63 terminates in Warren County. It remains a four-lane divided highway until Lake County where it becomes a main road known as Indianapolis Blvd. It overlaps US 12 and US 20 in Hammond and exits Indiana into the South Side of Chicago.

Route description

US Route 41 is a largely rural road in Western Indiana. It begins in the highly urban area of Northwest Indiana and transverses both older industrial communities such as Whiting and Hammond, and their nearby bedroom communities of Highland, Schererville, St. John, and Cedar Lake. Through these communities US 41 is an undivided four-lane arterial road.

Just south of Cedar Lake, US 41 divides and turns into a four-lane divided US highway and the speed limit rises to 60 mph (97 km/h). From Cedar Lake to Kentland, US 41 is relatively an older divided highway with a narrow median. It is obvious that this highway used to be a 2 lane route. One side of the highway is rolling and wavy, while the other half of the highway is built flat and to more modern standards. This portion of the route is mainly asphalt. According to INDOT, the twinning of US 41 in Indiana was begun in 1951, with construction progressing from south to north.[3]

Up until the mid-1990s, many older styled bridges existed on the route, including a 1930s era truss bridge across the Kankakee River in Schneider and some pre interstate era concrete bridges at the railroad overpass near Morocco and the Iroquois River Bridge. All of these bridges have since been updated to INDOT's latest standards using concrete latex overlays and new concrete bridge decks.[3]

From Cedar Lake, US 41 passes through the towns and villages of Schneider, Lake Village, Enos, Ade, and Kentland. Traffic volumes on this section of highway are relatively low and many intersections contain 1940s and 1950s eras former gas stations, diners and businesses associated with the highway before Interstate 65 was built in the early 1960s.

US 41 North of Kentland, IN

Many of these businesses have been converted to new use such as used car dealerships or offices while some have been abandoned, which provides an experience similar to US Route 66 when traveling on this highway. US 41 is sometimes considered an alternate to Interstate 65 due to its low traffic volumes.

South of Kentland, US 52 joins up with US 41 via US 24, the roadbed rises and the highway design widens to a modern interstate standard design.

A wind farm has recently (2008) been built next to the highway near Earl Park.[4] The landscape opens up and widens south of Kentland to a vast area of gently rolling plains and wide visibilities to the horizon.

US 41/52 interchange

An interchange exists at US 52 and US 52 heads southeast towards Lafayette as a four-lane divided rural highway.[3]

US 41 continues southbound as a divided highway with a few crossovers at State Route 18, State Route 352 at Boswell and State Route 26. The southbound lanes are the original concrete from the early 1970s while the northbound lanes contain a thin asphalt overlay, which tends to provide a bumpy ride.[3]

Near Kramer Indiana, US 41 splits off from the interstate standard designed highway and heads southwest towards Attica as a rural 2 lane US Highway. Indiana State Road 63 continues the interstate standard four-lane highway towards Terre Haute. US 41 passes through the town of Attica, Rob Roy, and reaches Interstate 74 at Veedersburg where it briefly divides into a four-lane highway. US 41 again reduces to a 2 lane highway and continues south. It passes through the communities of Bloomingdale and Rockville. US 41 rejoins State Route 63 just north of Terre Haute, IN.[3]

Through Terre Haute, US 41 is an urban arterial road with traffic lights as it passes through Indiana State University and past Honey Creek Mall. After Honey Creek Mall, US 41 approaches an Interchange with Interstate 70. South of Interstate 70, US 41 multiplexes with U.S. Route 150. US 41 leaves Terre Haute and becomes a four-lane divided highway. Unlike the area near Kentland, the stretch from Terre Haute to Vincennes is not built to interstate standards. Although it is four lanes, it is a relatively older pre–interstate era highway coated with asphalt and a narrow median. US 41/US 150 passes through few towns before reaching Vincennes.[3]

US 41 turns into a freeway interstate standard highway and bypasses the east side of Vincennes with interchanges and grade separations. In the middle of this bypass there is a modern 3 level stack interchange with US 150. US 150 continues southeast and leaves the multiplex with US 41.[3]

South of Vincennes, the freeway portion becomes a rural four-lane non-interstate standard highway. There is an interchange with Indiana State Road 64 near Princeton. The highway then reaches Interstate 64 and the greater Evansville area. Through Evansville, US 41 is again a standard arterial roadway with traffic lights and urban congestion. US 41 finally reaches the Ohio River using the Bi-State Vietnam Gold Star Bridges, commonly known as the twin bridges[5] that take the highway into Henderson, KY.[3]

In total, US 41 covers nearly 280 miles (450 km) from Whiting, IN on the north end to Evansville, IN on the south end.[6]

Indiana State Route 41 was featured in the famous crop duster scene in the 1959 Alfred Hitchcock film North by Northwest, although the scene was actually filmed near Bakersfield, California.


Until the designation of US 41 on October 1, 1926, the alignment was called IN 10.[2]

Major junctions

VanderburghEvansville0.000.00 US 41 south Henderson, KYCrosses into Kentucky on the Bi-State Vietnam Gold Star Bridges
I-69 north / I-164Temporary southern end of I-69 in Indiana, exit 0.
GibsonHaubstadt I-64I-64 exits 25A-B.
Fort Branch SR 168
Princeton SR 64
Hazleton SR 56
KnoxDecker SR 241
Vincennes SR 441Begin freeway bypass of Vincennes
SR 61
US 50 east / US 150 eastSouth end of US 50/US 150 concurrency
US 50 west / SR 61North end of US 50 concurrency
US 41 leaves Vincennes freeway bypass
SR 67
Emison SR 550
SullivanCarlisle SR 58
Sullivan SR 54
SR 154
Shelburn SR 48
VigoPimento SR 246
Terre Haute75121 SR 641 to I-70SR 641 only partially complete to I-70
I-70 / US 40 Terre Haute
US 150North end of US 150 concurrency
SR 63 north Clinton, ChicagoSouthern terminus of SR 63; Y interchange with indirect access to northbound US 41 via Maple Avenue
ParkeLyford SR 163
Rockville US 36
Bloomingdale SR 236
Annapolis SR 47
FountainKingman SR 234
SR 32
Veedersburg US 136 eastsouthern end of US 136 concurrency
US 136 westnorthern end of US 136 concurrency
Rob Roy SR 55
Attica SR 28 eastSoutheast end of SR 28 concurrency
WarrenWilliamsport SR 28 westNorthwest end of SR 28 concurrency
Carbondale SR 63 southNorthern terminus of SR 63
Rainsville SR 26Concurrency with SR 26
BentonBoswell SR 352
SR 18
Earl Park US 52 east LafayetteSouthern end of the US 52 concurrency
NewtonKentland US 24 / US 52 westNorthern end of the US 52 concurrency
Ade SR 16 eastWestern terminus of SR 16
Morocco SR 114
Enos SR 14
Lake Village SR 10
LakeBelshaw SR 2Southern end of SR 2 concurrency
North Hayden SR 2Northern end of SR 2 concurrency
St. John US 231 southNorthern terminus of US 231
Schererville US 30
Hammond I-80 east / I-94 east / US 6 east DetroitEast end of I-80/I-94/US 6 concurrency at Exit 2
I-80 west / I-94 west / US 6 west ChicagoWest end of I-80/I-94/US 6 concurrency at Exit 1
I-90 / Indiana Toll RoadExit 5 on I-90
US 12 east / US 20 eastSouthern end of US 12/US 20 concurrency
279.79450.28 US 12 west / US 20 west / US 41 north Chicago, ILCrosses into Illinois
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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