Possessions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad

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Possessions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad are known with unique names.



Muhammad had nine swords. He got 2 through inheritance, 3 as booty and some from being given as gift. Eight of the nine swords of Muhammed are in the Topkapi Palace, Turkey. The 9th one is in Cairo, Egypt.


Muhammad had a Quiver, Al-Kafur. This quiver had a strap made from tanned skin. This quiver had also three silver circular rings, a buckle, and an edge made of silver.


Muhammad owned 6 bows.


Muhammad owned five spears.



Muhammad had seven pieces of armor.


Muhammad had also owned helmets.


Muhammad had several shields.

Clothing and accessories

Muhammad owned three long shirts (jubbas in Arabic). These shirts he wore during battle. One of them was said to be made of fine green silk brocade (sundus). It is well known that ‘Urwah bin az-Zubayr had an outer garment made of silk brocade (dibaj) with embroidery made of fine green silk, and used to wear it during war. In one of the narrations from Ahmad, he said that it is allowed to wear silk during war...

Accessory items included:


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