Tennessee Military Department

Tennessee Military Department
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Tennessee
Headquarters Nashville, Tennessee
36°05′57″N 86°45′25″W / 36.099207°N 86.756892°W / 36.099207; -86.756892
Motto "Always there when you need us."

2,800+ full-time federal employees
390+ state employees

13,000+ traditional Guard members
Annual budget $114,796,200
Agency executives
  • Major General Terry M. Haston, Adjutant General, Tennessee Military Department
  • Brigadier General Tommy H. Baker, Assistant Adjutant General, Army, Tennessee Military Department
  • Brigadier General Don Johnson, Assistant Adjutant General, Air, Tennessee Military Department
Child agencies

The Tennessee Military Department is a department within the Executive Branch of Tennessee State Government with four major components. The Tennessee Army National Guard and the Tennessee Air National Guard constitute the National Guard in Tennessee. The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA), and the Tennessee State Guard are the other major components of the Military Department.

The Tennessee Army National Guard includes the 230th Sustainment Brigade, 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment, 194th Engineer Brigade, and the 30th Troop Command.

The Tennessee Air National Guard includes the 118th Wing, the 134th Air Refueling Wing, the 164th Airlift Wing and the 119th Command and Control Squadron.

Tennessee Army National Guard soldiers conduct riot gear training.

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) provides state-level emergency management, coordinating federal assistance through FEMA, tasking state agencies for resources, and supporting local government emergency management agencies.

The Tennessee State Guard is a state defense force of is a volunteer reserve force which may be activated whenever any part of the Tennessee National Guard is in active federal service.[1]

The department has over 550 state employees plus over 12,000 federal employees. The five Guard components have over 16,000 officers and enlisted personnel with a $450+ million dollar budget. The Adjutant General heads the Department and is appointed by the governor. Beside the five commands, the Bureau of War Records reports to the Adjutant General. The Joint Public Affairs Office maintains the organization's social media presence, official website and magazine

The Military Department headquarters is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Guard units and state armories are located in each county. TEMA has staff and facilities located across the state.


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