Vishwa Jain Sangathan

Vishwa Jain Sangathan

The symbol of Jainism, the Jain Prateek Chihna

The symbol of Jainism, the Jain Prateek Chihna

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zone of influence
Formation January 1, 2005 (2005-01-01)
Type Jain religious organization
Purpose Religious, Political, Non Profit
Headquarters New Delhi  India
Region served
Official language
Hindi and English
Sunjay Jain
Key people
Various Jains
Main organ
Board of directors
Affiliations Various Jain organizations

Vishwa Jain Sangathan (VJS) is a religious and social service organization of Jains in India.[1] Amongst other things, it was involved in the Jain minority campaign.[2]


The organization was founded in 2005 in Delhi. It organizes various conferences that revolve around Jain community issues.[3][2]


Jain minority

The organization has been involved in securing the status of an independent and minority religion for Jainism in India.[2] It submitted a petition to the Delhi Government which played a part in Jains getting declared as a minority in Delhi.[4] The organization has also presented memorandums to the Punjab Government for providing the status of a religious minority to Jains in Punjab.[5]

The organization also stages protests and rallies to highlight their cause.[2]

Lucknow idol desecration

VJS also actively protested the desecration of Mahavira's idol in Lucknow.[6][7]


The organization has also campaigned on a number of other issues, including the "Arihant Exports" name issue,[8] Qutub Minar Jain museum, January 2013 attack on Muni Prabalsagar at Girnar etc.

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