Mustafa III

Mustafa III
مصطفى ثالث
Caliph of Islam
Amir al-Mu'minin
Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques
26th Ottoman Sultan (Emperor)
Reign October 30, 1757 – January 21, 1774
Predecessor Osman III
Successor Abdülhamid I
Born January 1717
Died 21 January 1774 (aged 56-57)
Consorts Fehmi Kadın
Mihrişah Sultan
Adilşah Kadın
Aynülhayat Kadın
Rif’at Kadın
Full name
Mustafa bin Ahmed
Dynasty House of Osman
Father Ahmed III
Mother Emine Mihrişah Sultan
Religion Sunni Islam

Mustafa III (Ottoman Turkish: مصطفى ثالث, lit. 'Muṣṭafā-yi sālis') (18/28 January 1717 – 21 January 1774) was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1757 to 1774. He was a son of Sultan Ahmed III (170330) and was succeeded by his brother Abdul Hamid I (177489). He was born in Edirne Palace. His mother was Âminā Mihr-î-Shâh Sultan.


An energetic and perceptive ruler, Mustafa III sought to modernize the army and the internal state machinery to bring his empire in line with the Powers of Europe.

Mustafa III did secure the services of foreign generals to initiate a reform of the infantry and artillery. The Sultan also ordered the founding of Academies for Mathematics, Navigation and the Sciences.

He was well talented and educated . He was an excellent poet, his poetry being written under the pseudonym of Cihangir.[1]

He died at Topkapi Palace, Constantinople.

Personal life

Mustafa III in his royal robes.

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Mustafa III
Born: January 28, 1717 Died: January 21, 1774[aged 57]
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Osman III
Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
Oct 30, 1757 – Jan 21, 1774
Succeeded by
Abdul Hamid I
Sunni Islam titles
Preceded by
Osman III
Caliph of Islam
Oct 30, 1757 – Jan 21, 1774
Succeeded by
Abdul Hamid I
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